Reputation for DECENTRALIZED Ecosystems

  • Trust Graph is an open protocol for sourcing & rendering Trust relationships
  • It is a toolkit for building and reading distributed Trust Graphs
  • An ambitious plan to create interoperability between existing and future Trust Networks
  • Compatible with existing rating schemes (scores, percentages, star ratings, etc)
  • Open Source (Apache licensed)


Trust Atom format


User Issues Reputation, Creates TrustAtom {

source: <hash of public key of the rater> (person or org)
target: <hash of public key, or URL of the entity being rated>
value: <a numeric value in the range 0…1>
content: <description and/or harmonic tags relating to rating>
timestamp: <date/time of creation>




The TrustGraph lens is always Agent-Centric.

Agent: an individual person, organization, application, or other identity.
Agent Lens: a user’s view or search results based on their personal TrustGraph
TrustGraph: a cascading graph of weighted semantic tags connecting nodes by a reputation/rating score
Trust Cascade: When an Agent Samantha trusts Agent Miyazaki, their view also incorporates Miyazaki’s TrustGraph


TrustGraph encodes TrustAtoms as links, with the following components:

  1. Holochain Link base == TrustAtom source: creating agent (AgentPubKeyB64
  2. Holochain Link target == TrustAtom target – entity being rated/reviewed/etc: EntryHash
  3. Holochain Link tag (max 999 bytes) – formatted as UTF-8 string:
    Header bytes(Ŧ), Direction byte (→ or ↩), Semantic tags, null byte, TrustAtom value, null, random#, null, Data
Agent issues maximum trust to a uHEntityId, giving it high reputation in 80’s Pop category. The TrustAtom generates a directional link between that Agent and the Target file, and a reverse link pointing back to the Agent as the source of the TrustAtom. This enables search and indexing of all TrustAtoms pointing a particular Target, and all TrustAtoms created by a particular Source (Agent):


Agent issues 75% Trust to a uHEntityId (ex: 3 of 4 stars), tagging it as Hardcore, in the category Punk:


Agent issues maximum negative trust on uHEntityId, essentially marking it as spam.


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TrustGraph is an open-source project sponsored by Superluminal Systems, an education and technology company working to build systems which help enable personal data sovereignty, produce abundance for wisdom keepers and creators, provide education and economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities, and develop Enlightened Structures to bring universal ethical principles to technology. Join us in discovering the Future.

Writings & Prototypes

Portable Reputation Toolkit Legacy

  • Generate DIDs using did-io
  • Create JSON-LD claims
  • Sign the claims with a Bitcoin private key using jsonld-signatures
  • Create proof of existence for these claims using OpenTimestamps
  • Upload the signed, timestamped claim to IPFS

WorkNation Prototype

The WorkNation prototype was created in conjunction with CoMakery, Consensys, Cisco, and IFTF.

Current state and architecture available at the GitHub repository below.


This article by Noah Thorp explores the need for decentralized reputation in decentralized cooperative online applications.

Note: references TrustGraph by its former name: Trust Exchange.


CoreNexus™ Ecosystem

TrustGraph plays an essential role in the development of “the last social network,” the emerging identity-centric distributed social technology being created by countless developers around the world.

CoreNexus is a 3D Social Operating System and Dashboard for all your data across all your networks. It provides a true unifying next-gen interface and platform for decentralized apps, networks, and AR/VR/XR experiences. Codename: Core.Network

TrustGraph is partially sponsored by CoreNexus, but is and will always remain independent, interoperable, and 100% free open source software.